‘Whatever does former J&K deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta mean?’ wonders Omar Abdullah

‘Whatever does former J&K deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta mean?’ wonders Omar Abdullah

Delhi (News Service) – The former BJP Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Kavinder Gupta made an alluring statement that the functional part of which was “we are working on something & people will get to know about it”.

Gupta was talking about forming a new government or the deficit of in that respect of Jammu and Kashmir. Omar Abdullah the opposition leader specified that BJP was going to pull through “horse trade for government formation in the Jammu and Kashmir.

“What do you mean ‘we are working on something’? The only ‘something’ would be to break other parties & make up the numbers to form a BJP Govt. Has the former DCM (deputy chief minister) inadvertently spilled the beans?” – Tweeted Abdullah.

“Those who say that horse trading is being done, are the ones who actually do it. We have no motive to do any kind of horse-trading in J&K,” – said Ravinder Raina in a reply to the news agency.

President Ram Nath Kovind gave his consent to the obtruding of the governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir. Following the approval of the president, NN Vohra will be ruling over the state for the fourth time. In the upcoming days, he would be all set to take over the services in Raj Bhavan at least till August 26.

Not long ago after the BJP withdrawal, PDP’s Mehooba Mufti filed her resignation as the chief minister of the state to governor Vohra. Late on 19th June after concluding his confab with the political parties in J&K, Vohra forwarded the prepared report to the President of India for overblowing of the governor’s rule under Section 92 of the J&K constitution.

by Sawan Kumar on June 20, 2018

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