Delhi jeweller begs robbers to spare some gold for his children, is shot dead in front of his son

Delhi jeweller begs robbers to spare some gold for his children, is shot dead in front of his son

On Tuesday afternoon some robbers entered the jewelry shop of Hemant Kaushal where he got into a brawl with them while pleading them to leave some gold for his children. The robbers mercilessly shot him dead in front of his son who was in the shop at that time.

A jeweler’s ruthless efforts to save some gold for his little ones cost his death during a robbery in his jewelry showroom located in North Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar.

The forty-year-old jeweler Hemant Kaushal diet after being shot allegedly in front on his 13-year-old son in the shop. Three robbers who invaded his shops hid their identity by wearing helmets said the assistant commissioner of police Aslam Khan.

Kaushal’s son who is a student of class 8 said that his father was teaching him in a paddock when the robbers infringed the shop around 4 pm.

“I asked the men to take off their helmets, but they responded by pulling out pistols. They asked me to call the showroom owner,” – said the store attendant Ashok Kumar who was the first person who came across the robbers.

When Kaushal stepped out of the stockade, he and Kumar were enforced to lied facing down on the floor. “The robbers realized that I too was at the store and forced me to come out at gunpoint and lie down beside my father. When they threatened to kill me, my father requested them to take away all the jewelry,” – said the 13-year-old.

However, security cameras had trapped the footage of the robbery showing how the robbers emptied all the jewelry into bags they had brought along.

“When they began leaving, my father rose on his feet and begged them to leave behind some jewelry for me and my sister’s future. My father tried to stop one of them, which led to a scuffle,” – unfolded the jeweler’s son.

After the robbers had fled the boy used an e-rickshaw to take his father to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead.


by Sawan Kumar on June 14, 2018

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