BJP: Congress Supports Trinamool To Prevent Amit Shah From Speaking

BJP: Congress Supports Trinamool To Prevent Amit Shah From Speaking

New Delhi: The BJP said that the Congress is helping and supporting Trinamool Congress “Blockade” of the Rajya Sabha to an intercept it’s President Amit Shah from speaking in the house.  In the House TMC party member stomered after BJP President Amit Shah starts speaking on agrarian issues. Ravi Shankar Prasad Union Minister called it Undemocratic.

Due to the unrepentant protests by the TMC the Chairman of Rajya Sabha M Venkaiah adjourned the House for the day. He accused Congress at a press conference of being “anti – Dalit and anti – tribal” as the Rajya Sabha agenda had included a debate on a bill to string a law on atrocities against Dalits but it cloud taken further due to adjournment. On Monday, Lok Sabha had passed the bill.

Mocked on TMC he said that a jibe knew how much respect it had for democracy, referring to reports of violence during local body polls in West Bengal and election of many party members unopposed, allegedly due to threats to opposition nominees.

The TMC had the “patronage” of the congress in the House Law minister said. He added Mr. Naidu has elected views from all other parties as the TMC protested and every party except the congress said that they wanted the debate to be continue. Meanwhile he also taunted to the opposition and said “Well the President of a party which is in power in the country and in 20 states if not be allowed to speak in Rajya Sabha then then wonder what kind of precedency the opposition parties are setting. He also added that the congress party is running away from a debate on agriculture as it would expose the party as the Modi government had done a lot for farmers while the UPA did little in its 10 years rule.”

by Priti on August 8, 2018

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