IndiGO Planes Were Few Second Away from Collision

Bangalore: Two Indigo air crafts were operating on the Coimbatore – Hyderabad, and Bangalore – Cochin routes when cockpit alerts warned the pilots of an imminent collision between the airlines. Both flights carrying 328 passengers on board were moments away from a mid-air collision when both the flights took the emergency evasive movement to avoid a disaster.

The airlines’ disaster could have happened over Bangaluru airspace when in cockpit alerts warned the pilots of an imminent collision between airliners. Both Airbus A- 320s, were operating on the Coimbatore – Hyderabad (6E – 6505) routes respectively. According to the sources, the aircraft were vertically separated by just 200 feet as they headed towards each other. The aircraft were physically less than 8 kilometers away from each other when the collision was triggered. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) has begun an Investigation.

All civilian airlines operating in India are required to operate the TCAS system which scans the airspace around the aircraft through a transponder which detects signals from other aircraft which use the compatible system. A TCAS alert is sounded based on the rate which the aircraft in conflict are approaching one another in addition to several other variables calculated by the system.TCAS works in a  coordinated manner, s, instructions were given to two aircraft which are headed towards each other are usually diametrically opposite.

by Sawan Kumar on July 12, 2018

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