Twitter changes strategy in the battle against internet ‘trolls’

Twitter changes strategy in the battle against internet ‘trolls’

SAN FRANCISCO (News Service) – On Tuesday Twitter Inc. took a fresh look at the blueprint made to detoxify abusive internet “trolls”. The social media giant said that it would use behavioral signals that recognize tyrants on the social media network and then restrict their tweet visibility.

Since its launch in 2006, the U.S based social media network Twitter is widely known for non-aligned decisions. However, it is seeking a drive out from the harassment concern. The rules of Twitter bar abuse, and it holds all the rights to block or evict an offender once reported. If a user finds someone offending he/she can mute their tweets.

“Twitter now would try to find problematic accounts by examining behavior such as how frequently people tweet about accounts that do not follow them or whether they have confirmed their email address.” Said Chief Executive Jack Dorsey.

The tweets from the accounts of the offenders would be displayed in the bottom areas of the service. If the tweet is found misbehaving, is too harsh or violates rules would be debarred of visibility. “We want to take the burden of the work of the people receiving the abuse or the harassment,” – added Dorsey.

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are under pressure to suspend offenders and bullies who share hatred and target minorities and women. Due to the ferity, women are unable to freely express themselves on Twitter- as per the report on Amnesty International in March.

“Twitter’s 336 million monthly active users should expect a series of other changes over the next several months as the company explores ways to encourage tweets that are more civil,” said Dorsey in response with the Twitter abuse aid towards business.

It was estimated that if more people join Twitter, it could experience an increase in the number of advertisers and would be able to display more ads.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 16, 2018

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