Storms turn Memorial Day weekend dangerous on East Coast

Storms turn Memorial Day weekend dangerous on East Coast

The Gulf Coast was hit by subtropical storms which also affected Maryland causing flooding. The cascade of waves that rampaged through the downtown of Maryland left behind shattered pieces. On Sunday the floodwaters raged throughout the town causing harm to many residents. In a mere matter of 2 hours, the place measured 6 inches of rainfall, leading to the water level rise of the Patapsco River which eventually discharged water in the valley.

The rage of the flood jerked small buildings off their basements and hosted cars which were later flung like a mere machine. Some people are missing from Monday morning while the muddy water was withdrawn by the present day.

The havoc created a cacophonous scenario that was never seen in the past years. The ruthless behavior of nature took the life of 2 people and injured several. It also winked off the Ellicott City’s historic Main Street.

A state of emergency was declared by the Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. The emergency aimed towards the welfare of the small community in the Howard County, west of Baltimore. The floodwaters hit people resulting in major injuries added the officials. The verdict of the thunderstorm cam by 10 p.m. E.T.

“I can tell you now my heart is broken thinking about what the people have gone through here,”- said Howard County’s executive while addressing a conference held on Sunday night. The trail is “worse”, I think than it was in July of 2016, which is kind of hard for me even to imagine because back then we all said that it looked kind of like the set from a disaster movie,”- he added.

The NHC furthermore warned of life-threatening breaking wave conditions were likely to hit Georgia, Florida South Carolina, and Alabama.

“Little change in strength is expected before Alberto reaches the northern Gulf Coast later today,”- said the National Hurricane Center.

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