Reason behind why fast food restaurants use Red and Yellow color for Logo

Every color has its meaning so, the red and yellow too has meaning to attract its food lovers as well as other customers. But have you ever notice the logo color of the fast food restaurants the answer would be higher is ‘NO’ because food lovers went to restaurants only to eat where they never see colors logo. Before you think too much let me tell you one thing that it’s not a marketing strategy its related to psychology.  Here the reason behind the use of color:-

Red evoke the Hunger and feeling of stimulation as well as it makes customers to feel comfortable to enjoy the good meal. Yellow is the symbol of excitement , happiness and friendliness which help to cheer the moods of customers.

There are thousands of fast food restaurants who believed that logo colors are really special that makes them to use of these colors. On the other hand, experts believe that the colors are a perfect combination to attract the emotions and feelings of customers.

by Sawan Kumar on July 4, 2018

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