Pride of Lions Killing Suspected Rhino Poachers has Twitter Applauding the Cats - TNBC USA

According to the local media house, The anti-poaching unit found ‘a high-powered rifle, wire cutters and an axe’ along with the remains.

At Shibuya Game Reserve in South Africa, by a pride of lions! Rhinos are endangered and even though it’s illegal to hunt them, they are prized for their horns. A group of people, who were suspected to be poachers, sneaked into the South African reserve to hunt rhinos, but they were found by a pride of lions instead Their poaching continues despite the severity of the issue. While the reserve still investigates, social media is already supporting Team Lion, for standing up for the rhinos.


According to a report by CNN, “a guide at the reserve found human remains near a group of lions. When the anti-poaching unit arrived at the spot, the remains were strewn all over the place. While the remains made it difficult to figure out how many people were part of this group, they did find three pairs of boots and gloves. We’re almost 100 percent sure this is connected to rhino poaching”.


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