Indian Army gets first indigenously produced "Bharat" Drone from DRDO - TNBC USA

Amidst the Ladakh ongoing tension, India’s Defence R&D Organisation has developed “Bharat” drone for the Indian army to carry out accurate surveillance in high altitude extreme climatic conditions.

According to the DRDO officials, the drone is powerful and it works autonomously at any terrain with pinpoint accuracy. The unibody biometric with advance release technology is a lethal combination for surveillance missions. Its equipped with AI to detect and identify the threats from the public.

The Drone has been developed by TBRL in the Chandigarh based lab of the DRDO organization. Who also involved in the production and development of different high explosive formations, fragmentation studies of warheads,  captive flight testing of bombs, missiles and airborne systems, and ballistics evaluation of protective systems like body armor, vehicle armor, and helmets.

The drone is built to withstand extreme temperature in the Ladakh region, provides a real-time video transmission, and also is well equipped with night vision to detect enemy during nightfall hidden in the deep forest.

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