India is Gearing up for its 74th Independence Celebration - TNBC USA

India Will be Celebrating its 74th Independence Day tomorrow. The Prime Minister will hoist the National Flag at Red Fort and will address the nation.

However, due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, this year’s celebration won’t be the same. There will be strict restrictions in the Capital and also across India. With Covid-19 precautions to be followed, only the soldiers and officers who have tested negative or have been recovered will take part in the Event at Red Fort. Participation of Schoolchildren has been excluded this year. Only participation of 500 NCC members are allowed, they too have to maintain a social distance of six feet from each other. Two grounds on either side of the Red Fort won’t be opened to the public this year.

As per the Agenda, PM Modi will arrive at Red Fort at 7.21 AM On saturday, to mark the start of this Years Independence Celebration. According to the source The Prime Minister will hoist the Tricolor at 7.30 AM and will deliver his speech for the nation.

The number of guests invited for the celebration has been slashed to 120 which used to be between 300 to 500 , 60 on each side of the ramparts. Also there would be a restriction on media Presence during the event. Photographers who will be in close proximity of the Prime Minister shall undertake a coronavirus test and will be allowed only if tested negative.

While photographers from news agencies and official media will be sanctioned, cameramen from private media companies is restricted. There will be limited passes for reporters, who will be confined to the foreground.

On the rehearsal day amid a heavy downpour, many participants were seen in raincoats as it has been raining in the city since last night.

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