Hawaiians build homes for volcano rovers - TNBC USA

PAHOA, Hawaii (News Service) – On Saturday a cartel of construction workers whacked together in order to build a temporary shelter for the victims of Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea Volcano. 20 housing units were erected by the workers which showed a new beam of positive light for those who had been compelled to leave home due to the volcano jitters.

Over 600 homes have been destroyed by the lava flows that erupted from the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii in April naming it the most destructive eruption in the modern times.

The construction is powered by the Hawaii National Guard, the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters, businesses and nonprofit organizations. The supporting parties have gathered at the Sacred Heart Church in Pahoa jumpstart the contour.

“I’ve been surrounded by so much sadness for so many days and weeks, it’s good to be here surrounded by hope,” – said Kim after a blessing ceremony.

The raving lava and volcanic eruptions have wiped out a few neighborhoods in the eastern corner of the Big Islands. While the others are isolated but imperforate, blocked by lava walls.

It is anticipated that the construction would end by the end of the week thus bringing in some relief for the wanderers. The temporary homes would offer the vagabonds more privacy and comfort than the emergency shelters- said a spokeswoman for the Hawaii National Guard.

“They’re doing it because they care. To me, that’s why it’s special,” –said Piilani Kaawaloa, the reverend. The houses to be built are completely water resistant and can stand against odd weather conditions.

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