Florida brewery creates edible 6-pack rings for sea turtles

Florida brewery creates edible 6-pack rings for sea turtles

The invention of the 6-pack rings from the Florida brewery aims at saving turtles. As per the Saltwater Brewery’s Facebook Post, the Six Pack Rings were introduced by the Delray Beach Company at the beginning of the year. One can find the 6-pack rings in the stores located in South Florida. The company added that these would be available in stores such as Publix, Total Wine, Whole Foods Market, Lucky’s Market and ABC Fine Wine and Spirits.

“Besides being 100 percent biodegradable, compostable and edible, they have to be strong enough to hold the weight and difficulty handling of the cans,” – said the Chief engineer Francisco ‘Garcia Entelequia Inc.’

“We want to influence the big guys and inspire them to also get on board,” added Saltwater Brewery President Chris Gove.

While a YouTube video was launched by the We Believers which shows how Eco six packs ring feed turtles and also feed the sea creatures and fish. The ingredients used towards the manufacture of the rings include barley and wheat. Moreover, these pack nutrients and firmly hold each can.

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