Delhi Dust Strom Highlights: More thunderstorms, squalls likely, says Met office

Delhi Dust Strom Highlights: More thunderstorms, squalls likely, says Met office

Northwest India will be struck with the weather till Tuesday, as the Western disturbance is driving in moisture from the Eurasian water bodies.

It is expected that squalls and storms will continuously hit the Northern Regions of India with a wind speed of 70 kilometers per hours as per the report to the Meteorological Department. The gusty winds and thunderstorms killed 57 people from several parts of the country on Sunday.

The hilly Northern States are more likely to be hit by hail and the deserted areas of Rajasthan could experience dust storms on two consecutive days.

The plains of Punjab and Uttarakhand will continue to affect the weather in the province on Tuesday. However, the people of Rajasthan and Punjab can adieu to the harsh weather by Wednesday. The thunderstorm, gusty winds, and scattered rains can continue to occur in the nearby regions for the rest of the week.

Moving on to Delhi, reports tell that two people died due to the effects of gusty winds and rain. Roads were blocked and flight services were disrupted. A tourist from Maharashtra along with 21 people died and 28 were injured due to the adverse weather conditions.

Monday might bring in thunderstorm and rains in the south, Telangana, Rayalaseema, interior areas of south Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and Puducherry areas. Odisha and south interior Karnataka would hold the bad weather on Tuesday.

While in West Bengal 4 children and 8 adults died. The reports from the PTI said that the people succumbed due to lightning. Officials also reported that seven people were killed in Srikakulam. The Met department has sent a warning of the storms the previous week.

Taking a glance back to a couple of weeks, a powerful thunderstorm on May 2 caused over 140 deaths in the Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 14, 2018

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