After giving birth Candice Swanepoel Flaunts her body in Thong Swimsuit - TNBC USA

Candice Swanepoel (29) the Mom has just given birth to her second child less than a month ago and currently is on a holiday with her family in Brazil. She just rocked a swimsuit, showing off her perfect body. She flaunts her body on Instagram seeking attention from all over the world. She also proved that a couple of weeks are enough to regain her model figure. She is wearing a black and white Thong swimsuit that increase the charm of her body. Her flat tummy and sexy curves proved that she is a complete package with such a lovely body.

candice swanepoel

After her post, one of her fan comment on pic “You look amazing,”.Candice enjoying the attention of her fans. Fans comments provide a positive energy vibe which aids her being relieved and relax.

She posted a picture with a short note “ This is me 12 days after having my son. If you have something bad to say about it check yourself. Society can be so cruel to one another. Beauty standards are sometimes impossible for women these days”. She also added “ I am not ashamed to show my postpartum tummy. I am proud actually. I carried my son for nine months in there. I think I have earned the right to have a little tummy. Is it because I’ am a Model? Well, we are normal people too so let me enjoy the beach in peace please.”

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