Cops finally arrested Gangstar Vikas Dubey after a week of Cat and Mouse chase - TNBC USA

UP Gangstar was arrested today from Ujjain Madhya Pradesh region this Morning, after a long week of cashing involving police across three states

The arrest will bring the focus on prolonged Criminal-Police nexus exist in UP for years. Vikas said to have a relation with the political parties also who has been in power in the last 15 years.

According to the November survey conducted by transport International India with LocalCircles, UP Police Department is the most corrupted amongst all the states. Also according to the State Police report, 68% of the Cops are not satisfied with their Salary.

Now more than 200 UP Police are under investigation of this case to find the possible political and police links with the Gangstar.

His relation with the cops is so connected that he gets a “tip-off” before any Cop movement. As a result of earlier this month, 8 police including a DSP was shot dead during a raid to his house on 3rd July.

The probable murder of BJP leader Santosh Shukla may also be in Focus as the gangster might have a strong connection in this crime. Shukla was murdered in 2001 under police custody and still, justice was not yet served due to the corruption and connection of UP Police with the crime world.

The apprehend of Vikas Dubey is also been speculated as planned Surrender by the family of the Deceased DSP. The Gangstar was having a bounty of 50,000 upon his head.

Apart from the Cop link Dubey charged with 60 criminal cases including Murder, Kidnapping, extortion, and also communal Riot.

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