Sonia Gandhi depict Karunanidhi, “as father figure to her”

Sonia Gandhi depict Karunanidhi, “as father figure to her”

Recently in a letter to MK Stalin, Sonia Gandhi gave her condolence and also pointed towards the fact that his late father will always be a paramount figure in both political and service.

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi mourns to “Kalaignar’s” death and says it to be a ‘Personal loss’ to her as he was a ‘father figure’ for her and also a huge loss for the state, which will now become poorer without his wise leadership and statesmanship.

In a letter to MK Stalin, Karunanidhi’s son she said that his late father was a towering figure in both political and public service.

She says: “For me, Kalaignar’s loss was very personal. He always showed me great kindness and consideration, which I can never forget. He was like a father figure to me.”

Sonia Gandhi depict Karunanidhi, “as father figure to her” |

Mrs. Gandhi added that “We shall not see the Kalaignar again, and our nation is poorer without his wise statesmanship and his dedication to our country and our people.”

She further continued that he was an outstanding literary figure, who has done a lot to promote the rich and indifferent culture and arts of Tamil Nadu and has renowned it worldwide.

She exclaimed in the letter written to his son: “His decades at the helm of Tamil Nadu’s government and politics have left a superb and enduring legacy, for which he will forever be honored and remembered. I believe he had full confidence that you would nurture and take forward his legacy.”

Sonia Gandhi further said, “Throughout his long and magnificent life, he stood unwaveringly for social justice and equality, for the development, progress, and prosperity of Tamil Nadu, and for the well-being of every single citizen, especially the poorest and most marginalized.”

Mrs. Gandhi also said that he lived a wonderful and fulfilled life and is now relieved from this worldly suffering. She also appreciated Stalin for taking care of his father during his illness with “utmost devotion.”

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 8, 2018

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