Younes Bendjima Uncomfortable with Kourtney K Posting Sexy Pics — Why He Shaded Her Instagram - TNBC USA

On July 16, Younes Bendjima accidentally posted a picture of hers on Instagram, which featured her in a racy thong bikini.

Younes wrote on the photo of Kourt sitting on the grass, “That’s what you need to show to get likes?” Although, he has deleted the comment, “Younes can definitely show his age sometimes, and jealousy is one of the ways it can play out. It really gets under Younes’ skin when Kourtney posts sexy photos and gets loads of comments from men telling her how hot she looks. It drives him crazy”.

The insider added, “It’s funny because Scott was the exact opposite. It used to really turn him on, but Younes gets bummed about it, and he’s not afraid to let Kourtney know,” our source continued. While we can understand Younes’ frustration, Kourt is a total knockout and showing off her figure is a part of the KarJenner brand as she’s done so countless times in the past including during their recent vacation to Italy. We doubt she’ll ever stop flaunting her body, especially after having her three kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign. “Younes will tell Kourtney that he thinks it makes her look thirsty for attention and fan admiration when she posts sexy photos”.

According to the source, it added, “It definitely is an issue between Kourtney and Younes, and although he will apologize when he writes a comment like he did on her Instagram, it really upsets Kourtney. If he doesn’t get a grip it could definitely end derailing their relationship. Kourtney isn’t going to put up with him not fully appreciating her sexy independence. Younes needs to totally understand that he doesn’t own her”.


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