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English businesswoman, fashion designer, and singer, Victoria Beckham has been criticized on social media while she was promoting her new clothing range. The 45-year-old celebrity, shared several images to promote her 2019 autumn-winter line after which she was trolled for selecting the “ill-looking” model.

Two of the pictures that she used to showcase the new collection featured a model wearing a white full sleeve dress with chain printed over it, was originally worn by Meghan Markle. But somehow it was the model’s structure that caught everyone’s attention rather than the dress. 

Many mocked at saying how slender the model looked. 

A huge number of social media users expressed their dissatisfaction commenting on the post that the model for the particular dress was looking extremely thin. 

Victoria Beckham Faces Criticism For Selecting “Ill Looking” Model |

“#feedthemodel she’s gonna die if she skips another meal. Sad to see an icon such as you promoting these ill-looking models,” one user wrote.

“Scary to look at. Even more scary to think how ill she must be. Really not a good look I’m astonished this picture has got so many likes and loves!” another disappointed user commented.

“Pictures like this are what contribute to eating disorders, totally irresponsible and another example of profit over conscience,” another user wrote.

“I can’t believe this woman has a young daughter and she still thinks using only models like this is ok. She needs to use all body types in her campaigns,” a third user said.

This is not the first time, Beckham earlier also faced criticism for her choice of models. In 2018, for her eyewear promotion, she selected a picture of a very thin-looking model that was mocked by many.

In 2015 she said that her agents were in touch with the agents of all the models she uses for campaigns in an effort to make sure that the women are leading a healthy lifestyle.

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