The actress of “Full House” movie, Lori Loughlin appeared in the federal court in Los Angeles for confronting the accusations of the involvement in a scheme in which so many wealthy parents are involved for illegally paying to acquire seats in the prestigious universities for their children.

Magistrate Judge of US Steve Kim dictated Laughlin, who is one of the several high-profile celebrities in the entertainment and business world accused of scandal and would be released from federal custody through signing in a bond of $1 million after a brief hearing.

The former Chief executive of the investment firm Pimco, Douglas Hodge along with 33 parents has been accused in the case of $25 million scams, and appeared in the court of Boston. He got the release on $500,000 secured bond by a federal magistrate who retracted the objection of the federal prosecutor to Hodge seizing his passport.

The judge of Los Angeles pronounced that high profile celebrity Lori Loughlin could continue traveling to and from British Columbia for a number of productions she is working on as long as the accused actress notifies US authorities before her each trip. But the TV star was dictated to waive her passport by December.

Loughlin and Hodge are two among 50 individuals accused of being involved in a scam that navigating the high school students into elite universities taking money illegally, including Yale, Georgetown, and Stanford, by cheating the admission proceedings.

Prosecutors claimed this scandal is largest in the US history.

The University of the interim President of Southern California, Wanda Austin told in a statement that the individuals are involved in this scam and applied for the next academic year will be declined for the admission. While the current students connected with this scheme will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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