On Monday, US actress Allison Mack has pleaded guilty to racketeering after appointing women to a cult-like secret society, which turned followers into “slaves” branded with leader’s coerced and initials into having sex.

36-year-old Allison Mack was detained a year ago over sex trafficking charges for influencing the women to join Nxivm, a professed executive coaching centre that forced them to have intercourse with 58-year-old leader Keith Raniere.

She is popular for her role as Clark Kent’s mate in superhero TV series Smallville, which was one of six defendants in federal charges lodged against members of Nxivm, based near New York’s Albany.

Later, Ms. Mack admitted racketeering and its conspiracy, and was ready to face up to 40-years imprisonment when she was sentenced on September 11.

Ahead of accepting as “slaves”, women had to offer compromising pictures and other personal effects, in which the organization has threatened to make public if they tried to leave.

They even had their skin branded with Raniere’s initials as other members held them filmed and still as well.

Clare Bronfman is another of the high-profile convict in the case. Bronfman is an heiress to the Canadian Seagram liquor empire. She and her sister are believed to have offered over $100 million to the team.

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