Wednesday, June 20, 2018- Joyce Bulifant, the 80-year-old recalls almost playing as Mrs. Brady. “I had been out for two weeks with the wardrobe people to get the right clothes for the show,”

In 2002, she married Roger Perry, an actor, and longtime friend. “First of all, that love affair of the heart started in 1962 when we worked together,” she replied to Fox news. “We were like ships passing in the night. A friend of ours called us star-crossed lovers”. She also added, “It’s been happy because Roger doesn’t drink anymore. My children, boy do they love and respect him. It’s just a very loving, giving marriage. We look at each other and say, ‘This is a miracle.’”

Bulifant recalled, “I just looked at them, I had signed a seven-year contract! The little girls were cast to look like me. Sherwood was devastated because the show had a whole new meaning than what he was looking for. “He said, ‘Any show I do from now on, you’re going to be in it!’ He put me in his next series, but it was a short-lived Saturday morning show.”

“It wasn’t very nice of him at all! I only found out now, and even his wife didn’t know, that Disney was working on a series where Lesley Ann Warren and I would be the guides at Disneyland and our boyfriends would be Tommy Steele and John Davison. Wouldn’t that have been fun? But there you go. That’s life. That’s show business”. She also replied, “It all turned out just fine! I was very fond of Florence and she was a lovely lady. And the show was very successful… Everything turned out the way it’s supposed to.”

“I was recording a song for ‘The Happiest Millionaire’ when he came down from his office,” she said. “He put his arm around me and said, ‘I’m going to walk you over to the studio.’ I said, ‘Oh Mr. Disney, that’s so nice!’ I couldn’t believe the special attention. He said, ‘And young lady, I have big plans for you!’ And then he died.

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