Tom Cruise is planning for a space Trip for his next movie - TNBC USA

On courtesy of Elon Musk and Nasa the Top Gun Star is setting up for a Space trip to the International Space Station in October 2021 for an upcoming movie to be directed by Doug Liman. The Movie name however not yet disclosed to the public.

As per the post published by the Space Shuttle Almanac in which the actor and the director are tagged with Nasa and SpaceX has confirmed the date of the journey date.

Astronaut Michael Lopez-Algeria is said to be the America’s current record holder of maximum number and duration of extravehicular activities (EVAs). Axiom Space has organized the mission, since they have the plan to send private funded space flights to the ISS.

For many its just a waste of resources for the firm but as per the NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who confirmed the project few months back says Tom Cruise has inspired many people including him to become a navy pilot. This might send a positive note to the kids to become next Elon Musk

There is one more spot to be filled which is said to be reserved for the female lead of the film.

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