Taylor Swift in a Concert got trapped on the Floating Platform - TNBC USA

Tailor Swift, the young performer suddenly met a stage disruption on July 14, Saturday. This stage malfunction left her in the air with the mass at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Filed. While she was performing in a glittery basket, as every time wonder at her hit number, “Delicate”, this lifted her over to a B-Stage. Suddenly the device that was lifting her up got stuck and she was held in one place up in the air.

Even then Taylor kept delivering her energetic performance. He was cool enough to crack few silly jokes that the view of the stadium from such height is really special to feel. But was then safely rescued by the crew members and brought back to the main stage to perform. She was not trapped for so long in such height. However, she becomes pretty obstinate about the act of getting stuck into B-stage and even talked with the tech people, asking them any other way of walking over to the other platform.

She even said that audience sitting in such a high at B-stage that she is just relaxing there and waiting to experience what happens next. In the meanwhile, her fans were excited enough with the unwanted activity that unfortunately took place with her. Sitting there in such condition she just sang a cappella version of “Our Song’ to eliminate boredom. Meanwhile, the crew members were trying hard to rescue her from such high.

This incident indicated that nothing in life has the power to stop such an energetic singer and performer from becoming more famous and increaser fan followings day-by-day.


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