Suffering An “Emotional Breakdown” Selena Gomez Receive Mental Health Treatment - TNBC USA

The 26-years-old popular singer Selena Gomez checked into a mental health facility after suffering an ‘emotional breakdown’. Gomez is in rehab will be ‘open-ended’, she has a lot to speak about her life. The singer is hospitalized twice in the past two weeks for an alarmingly low white blood white cell count. In the second visit of hospital Gomez resulted in an ‘emotional breakdown’ after doctors insisted she stay for observation. Past few days Selena was in deep suffering from depression and anxiety. Ms. Gomez was taken to an East Coast psychiatric facility, where she is receiving dialectical behavior therapy, after being discharged.

According to the sources it said that Selena has been ‘undoubtedly’ affected by ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber sudden marriage to Hailey Baldwin. The duo dated on and off for more than eight years. After the couple breaks up the duo was not in touch but hearing the news about Selena health issue Justin feels guilty, and truly wants her to be happy. Justin says “ It is really upsetting to know that she is battling health issues.”

Gomez is trying her best and hard to overcome from all health issue, which made her remain focused, and not let her health affect her”. At the moment she is busy writing new music and moved to Orange County for a change of pace and a fresh breath of air. She needs to stands strongly to feel super overwhelmed.

Selena even shares her experiences and talked to her fans about depression through video. Via video Selena sang a song and reveals how to overcome from depression, stay strong on that circumstances.

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