It may be common that you have induced your work hours with a conga line?

“When the office was a lot smaller and we were a smaller team, we used to just do the conga round the office when Rihanna wore our shoes and things like that, we’d just be screaming,” laughs Webster.

“I started off at art college, I thought I was going to go into fine art, that was what my passion always was from quite a young age”. She explains, “The office downstairs would be like ‘are you okay? Is there a mouse?’. And we’d be like, ‘No! Rihanna’s worn our shoes!’

“So I was doing a foundation course in art and design and we did a lot of life drawing, and there was this one session where there was a fashion model who was changing outfits, and I found myself very focused on her shoes and drawing the shoes. And at the time I was getting into sculpture as well, so for me, it was a combination of design and sculpture – creating something that in essence is a sculpture, it’s like a wearable sculpture”.

Webster explains: “I love the color. I love designing things that are visually impactful and appealing. And I really love embellishments and coming up with different details of things to put on the shoe that I haven’t seen before, which I think women are going to like. Oprah recently gave her wearing my shoes, and that was such an inspirational speech, so I was honored that she chose to”.

Lisa Armstrong said: “Webster’s whimsical styles with their butterfly winged backs, flower-encrusted straps, ruffled crests, sherbet-color patchworks and neon trims were so distinctive they immediately carved out a niche in a market”.

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