Showtime Casted Pablo Schrieber For “Halo” TV Series - TNBC USA

Showtime has cast “American Gods” Star Pablo Schrieber as its Master Chief for its “Halo” TV Series.

He will play the lead role, who is called as Earth’s most advanced warrior in 26th Century and the only hope of salvation for civilization, who has been pushed to the way of destruction by the covenant, an unstoppable alliance of alien words accomplished to the destruction of humanity.

Showtime has cast Australian actress Yerin Ha, who will play the role of Quan Ah, a new character drawn just for the long-gestating TV series. Quan Ah is a 16-year-old shrewd, who is quite bold and at a fateful time meets Master Chief.

‘Halo’ has been in the works for several years, recently experienced a director change. Otto Bathurst will now direct multiple episodes of the show, replaced with Rupert Wyatt, who left due to scheduling reasons. Showtime also added a second showrunner to support Kyle Killen, bringing aboard Steven Kane.

Now, ‘Halo’ has ordered for nine-episode, it originally greenlit 10. In Budapest, the TV Series will start its production this fall.

Compared to last year’s series, ‘Halo’ is an adaptation of the popular video game franchise. However, it might be loosely based on the original 2001 Xbox Shooter game – “Halo: Combat Evolved” – involves a conflict between humanity and extraterrestrial threat, which are known as the Covenant.

‘Halo’ will be executive produced by Kane, Killen, Bathurst and Toby Leslie, Scott Pennington, Darryl Frank, and Justice Falvey. The TV Series will be globally distributed by CBS Studio International.

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