Pete Davidson urged Queer Eye’s Tan France to aid Dress Him for Ariana Grande Wedding - TNBC USA

The American Actor and Comedian Pete Davidson are all set to be wrapped in a groom’s apparel. He has summoned Tan France the Queer Eye’s fashion guru for helping him dress the best for his wedding to Ariana Grande.

On Tuesday the actor has revealed about the heart-thrilling alliance. “He asked if I’d help him, the answer is yes,” – spoke the Netflix star who assisted Davidson jazz up his looks during a March hosted on Saturday night.

In the first week of April, the US TNBC revealed that Grande 25 and Davidson 24 had engaged after they started dating each other. The couple had shifted to a $16 million apartment in New York City. The comedian committed his engagement with the pop star while his visit to the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

“I feel like I won a contest,” he raved at the time. “It’s f—king lit, Jimmy. It’s so lit … It’s so funny to walk down the street because dudes are walking by … Some dude goes up to me and says, ‘Yo man, you gave me hope.’ I was, like, I didn’t know I was that lucky. I’m a lucky motherf—ker.” – He said.

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