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“Purpose” singer Justin Beiber just about to turn 25 on March 1. To mark the occasion, he is eager to bring significant “changes” in his look, including a new tattoo. On Thursday, he debuted his fresh ink that was a laurel wreath on his Instagram story. The Canadian singer is already a fan of tattoos as he has tattoos all over his body, but it seems he had space for the leafy design that looks like a tattooed-on necklace.

Beiber was first captured with the tattoo when he was visiting the Dogpound gym in West Hollywood. The fresh ink was peeking out from under the collar of his white tank top. He was in his casual gym look with a grey fleece pullover and a matching knitted beanie. 

Justin Beiber Shares His New Laurel Wreath Tattoo In a Shirtless Selfie | tnbclive.com

Just hours after, Beiber gave his fans a closer look at his massive body art collection. The selfie appears to be a funny “toilet selfie”. He wrapped a white towel around his waist and flaunted his defined arms. Beiber poses shirtless, sticking out his tongue. He was standing on yellow smiley-faced rugby his new streetwear line Drew House. Fans much liked the photo, and they made lots of comments.

Justin Beiber Shares His New Laurel Wreath Tattoo In a Shirtless Selfie | tnbclive.com

A laurel wreath is a round wreath that is deeply rooted in Ancient Greek and Roman culture and is a symbol of triumph. On Monday Beiber revealed much about his life in Seasons’ first episode. He described how much his life has changed since releasing Purpose and also about his married life with Baldwin.

“My life is changing a lot,” he said in the episode. “Getting married, getting back in the studio, talking about getting married, talking about the process and just being creative with being in this new chapter and being happy about what I’m doing,” he added.

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