The famous US television host, John Oliver is in trouble after a funny episode meant to address Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s obsession was strongly criticized from the Guinness World Records. Oliver is best known for his wicked sense of humor and witty jokes.

On Sunday, John Oliver began his ”The Last Week Tonight” segment show with jokes about death rumors of the Turkmenistan president. He ended up baking a huge marble cake that had an image of the  “human rights-abusing” Berdymukhamedov being thrown from his horse in a race.

Oliver detailed “bizarre obsessions,” of Berdimuhamedov like horses. He went on saying that the leader has nearly 10% of the world’s total of Akhal-Teke horses and gave himself the title of “national horse breeder.”

The host of the show then described that one of Berdimuhamedov’s favorite time pass was to collect Guinness World Records as apparently “authoritarians love getting Guinness World Records.”

During the HBO show, he also made fun of Guinness World Records says it works with authoritarian governments including Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Dubai police force in order for them to break records. 

He pointed out that Guinness World Records which sends adjudicators to Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia declined to take part in the show’s record-breaking attempt at creating the “world’s largest marble cake”.

John Oliver Bakes Massive Marble Cake On His Show 'The Last Week Tonight'. |

Guinness World Records reacted soon after expressing its disappointment over the “false and unfair allegations about Guinness World Records.”

“We were disappointed to see the false and unfair allegations about Guinness World Records in Sunday’s episode of ”Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” said the body in the statement.

“On the basis that it was merely an opportunity to mock one of our record-holders, we declined. It is our policy not to partake in any activities which may belittle their achievements or subject them to ridicule,” it added.

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