In “Winterfell” Jon Snow Returns Home, Learns The Truth: Games Of Thrones - TNBC USA

After eight years in 67 episodes we are here with countless deaths – actually, 2,339 deaths, approaching that many fan theories and prophecies, and enough content to keep the entire internet full, we have made it to the home extension. These are the last six Sunday nights we get to spend with “ Game of Thrones” and like the primitive marching toward Winterfall, we have a lot of decks to cover.

So let’s collect ingenuity from both straightforward fact-recitation style of Samwell Tarly and the ironic jesting style of Euron Greyjoy and look back at the episode entitled simply, “Winterfall”.

In the last season, we came to know that the most popular fan theory was, Jon Snow was not the bastard son of Ned Stark but was a child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. And not just that, but he was a licit son of those two, which converts him licit successor to the Iron Throne.

And now Jon Snow has knowledge about the truth that his heritage as well, conveying thanks to a visit in the Winterfell crypt from an old pal. While Jon is settling up with respect to his not-dad, Ned, he perceives the sound of a pitching man which could only be one person, Samwell Tarly. He is there to dispatch the news to Jon that he is not who he thinks he is.

What is the reason of being Sam who is only one to deliver the news? Because of Three-Eyed Raven Bran, who has taken to just terrify in the middle of the Winterfall town square like a weirdo, told Sam that he is the one Jon trusts the most. Sam attempted to convince Bran that since he was the brother of Jon, the news would best be shipped coming from him. But, of course, Bran actually is not his brother.

Jon is convincingly mesmerized to see Sam in the hard-to-access tombs of Winterfell, even though Sam is likely to be hundreds of miles away at the Citadel. In the staking of time, they planned not to reside on the doubtful nature of their meeting and quite soon  Sam drops the bomb on Jon. He read a diary of Septon and ensured with Bran and whatever he is going through that Jon’s parentage makes him true “ king of the bloody Seven Kingdoms”.

A doubtful Jon asks Sam, who tells him that Ned was, in fact, being ethical because he pledged his sister he would keep her son safe, which meant concealing his identity.

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