‘I am Back’

‘I am Back’

Arnold Schwarzenegger the former actor cum the bodybuilder started suffering from a serious heart problem that was thought to be cured 20 years back after he had the replacement of a valve in his heart. But then again the problem didn’t stop there. This valve that was the main reason for concern for the bodybuilder was seen to be replaced earlier but then again it was again replaced now. And after surveys on the same, it was found that the actor actually uttered the words ‘I am back’ after the surgery was done and he came into senses.

An individual born in Austria won the Mr. Universe contest of bodybuilding for five times and was Mr. Olympia for seven times. After this, the guy took a turn and went in the line of acting where he did pretty well and earned a name for himself. Lastly, he went into politics and was chosen as the governor. Hence the return of the individual from a sensitive surgery like this was really a matte of concern for the country as well.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 2, 2018

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