Tameka “Tiny” Harris ‘on her 43rd birthday, posted two bikini photos of herself on the beach.  If you further look for it, you would find that she was dissing Tiny with her cryptic captions.

“Many can see the image but few can get the picture,” the first photo — a butt shot of her thong two piece — read. “This that type of all natural money can’t buy,” the second caption of Asia’h sitting in the ocean read, along with the hashtag “God’s work”.

Some of her fans picked apart all the captions and images and commented that Asia’s posts were straight up shots aimed at Tiny. Many of them have also claimed that ‘Asia’h’ insinuated that her body is a natural, as opposed to Tiny’s, which has had plastic surgery. Just a few days after the video surfaced, Tip revealed that he did not spend Father’s Day with Tiny and their kids. He admitted that Tiny and the kids weren’t “rockin’” with him following the release of the video.

Asia’h Epperson

Replying an Instagram user, Asia’h wrote: “nonsense because I posted a picture embracing natural women! Lol! Your right!! That such nonsense! And guess what!! The block and the delete buttons are here on social media and in real life for a reason! sorry! Not sorry!! and u know why!!???! It’s MY PAGE!! Lol! I’m a positive person!!! Always have been always will be! So yes! My team will be deleting and erasing all things that are not a true representation of who I am!!! And I’m Sorry that judging and criticizing and being cruel and mean and hurtful to people that u don’t know due to a situation that u have no clue about and has nothing to do with you is who YOU ARE! Sad!”

Image Credit- Hollywood Life

Asia’h Epperson poses for bikini photos

Image Credit- Hollywood Life

Concluding with the second comment, Asia’h said that her posts weren’t disses aimed at anyone! She replied to another user: “omg!!!!! Literally, no one was throwing shade at anyone!!!! Lol! I have many pictures on my timeline that speak about natural beauty and not being materialistic because that’s who I am!!!! This ain’t the 1st post and it won’t be the last!! It has nothing to do with anyone but myself!!!!! I’m team ti and tiny too!!! I’m all about love! I have nothing to do with either one of them or their marriage!

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