Selena Gomez after broke up with Justin Bieber wants a ‘Perfect BF’ - TNBC USA

Selena Gomez is making a criteria list for getting a boyfriend! However, to rectify her previous mistakes she is eyeing on the list again and again. This time when she is desperate to find a ‘perfect bf’ in order to turn into a true love. Currently, Selena’s admirers are fortunate enough to have a glance at her criteria list.

Her relationship with Justin Bieber tough her many things in life but now everything between them are all officially over. Therefore, now Selena has become more serious about choosing a guy for her and depending on what she wants on him. She is not only making a list of deal breakers but also quality lists she wants in the next man she will love. After her breakup, she had made many calculations and finally came up with just a simple list, said Selena exclusively to Hollywood Life.

Selena this time wants a guy with funny, smart and obvious someone very cute. She would prefer someone from this industry, who will be successful and will adjust to her busy schedule. She even doesn’t care that person to be famous or not. However, she would not encourage total deal breakers. She wants a guy who is not social media prone but someone whom she can completely trust. She said further said she does not have so high demand for his ‘perfect bf’.
Selena Gomez wants someone with whom she can have a friendly relationship and can communicate easily without thinking much. She even wants to keep open-minded about her next relationship. She is flexible falling in love with an artist or a singer, who will create inspiration for her and help her to develop. Selena Gomez is all ready for love again and expecting her perfect guy just might be an extra-talented guy just like her ex-guy, Justine Bieber.
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