Just a couple of weeks to be unveiled the initiation of the end, a new trailer of ‘Game of Thrones ’ is presenting most detailed glimpse to the fans about the final season of it.

Giving the probable hints about what to come in Westeros, HBO and Sky Atlantic have released the latest clip on Tuesday.

Proposing about snow, after seven seasons, winter is finally here. The presence of dragons is also seen in this season. Favorites Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen played by Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke can be seen riding to combat together in season seven, it was unveiled that Jon is literally Aegon Targaryen meaning he is not only outlined to Daenerys but is also the true successor to the Iron Thrones she desires. Neither of them has knowledge about this secret, so how the discovery reacts is expected to be a main plot in the concluding season. There is a curiosity has been raised does the trailer mean the romance between the characters is plotted to resume.

HBO is keeping it all very near their interests. But we do see Arya Stark running with talk of confronting death. The clip presents the skills she plotted in the Hall Of Faces in Braavos.

He told, “ I know death,” we hear her say. “He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.”

It also resembles the Golden Company is plotted to arrive by ship to King’s Landing, and Sansa Stark is filmed with dragons for the first time. And the trailer also exhibits what supposed to be a tearful Cersei Lannister.

A potential enhancement than the previous season was her beloved brother Jaime choosing to leave her, and it is expected he is off to assist Jon and Daenerys defeat the White Walkers.

The new trailer is one of enchanting release by HBO already in this year but presents more detail than any of the others before it.


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