The Great Kolkata Bank Fraud: ATM Scams is a Warning Bell for You

The Great Kolkata Bank Fraud: ATM Scams is a Warning Bell for You

Have you been acquainted with the Kolkata ATM Fraud? If not then here is everything you need to know. The ATMs have been a prey to over 20 lakhs fraud and still counting. The fraud has been taken place in 5 days. The bank customers of South Kolkata on Tuesday were alert against the biggest ATM fraud in the nation.

Surprisingly customers of Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank had received messages that read money had been withdrawn from their bank accounts. The fraud also spread in other cities of India, leading to panic among the masses. People hived outside the financial institutions in order to check whether their money was safe.

The fraud was first identified in the Gariahat is, then it gradually spread towards the Behala, Rabindra Sarobar and Park Street area. With bank frauds reporting every day, people are experiencing sleepless nights.

An initial report has stated that a gang comprising of five members has been working over the ATM fraud plan and has finally executed it in the recent days. The skimmers had secretly fixed a device that copies data of the credit/debit card swiped into the ATM machine in the last few weeks.

Kolkata ATM fraud

A broad array of ATM frauds has been reported in the neighboring areas of Kolkata, Delhi and Jharkhand. Among the people who are victims of the ATM fraud are 10 employees of the AGM a public sector bank.

“I was having dinner with my family when my wife suddenly received a text message that Rs 20,000 has been deducted from her account. Even before she could realize from where the money was transacted, in came another text of another Rs 20,000 being withdrawn,” – said a customer.

Customers are grieving as some have missed their loan installment due dates, due to the fraud while some have been into a sheer deficit of funds for their day to day requirements. Luckily, the Kolkata police have been set up a special team for the probe. CCTV footages have also found a few people that were into the ATMs with their faces wrapped into black masks.

Image Credit- Techyuga

by Sawan Kumar on August 5, 2018

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