Find Everything About the Upcoming Charlie's Angels Reboot

Are you curious to watch the heinous women go on women? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this is surely for you. It’s been over a decade after the Charlie’s Angel’s franchise was debuted and Kristen Steward featured in the lead role. The series began to churn. However, Sony has not yet confirmed anything.

As per reports the Elizabeth Banks have agreed upon producing the film. Howbeit, that’s not the core thing. You can find everything related to the movie here.

Charlie’s Angels Reboot Cast Confirmed

The cast of the movie comprises of the trio. The Power Rangers star Naomi Scott and Kristen Stewart are playing the foremost roles. There are rumors that Lupita Nyongo would also be seen in the film.

The Director

The movie has been directed by Elizabeth Banks who is also the producer of it. After the trail-blaze Pitch Perfect 2 that was released in 2015, this is the second movie directed by the bank.

The Release Date

The release date of the movie is set on 7 June 2019. Thus increasing your wait to book your seat at the theaters.

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