Empire Actor Jussie Smollett Not Guilty To Execute Racist And Homophobic Attack - TNBC USA

Empire actor Jussie Smollett has not begged for guilty to the accusations of misleading police telling lie about being the victim of a biased and homophobic assault. The lawyer of the 36-year-old, Empire actor entered the appeal on his behalf in the meantime of court appearance in Chicago.

Prosecutors proclaim that Smollett, a black and liberal gay, appointed two men for assisting stage an attack on him in downtown Chicago in the early hours of 29th January. He told the investigators that two masked men have beaten him while pitching racist and homophobic slurs, and that emerged an unknown substance on him before draping a nose around his neck according to the police. The officials primarily inspected the incident as a hate crime but, police sources at the time were broadcasted as claiming the attack had been a prank. A grand jury accused Smollett on 16 times of deliberate concealment relating to the lawsuit of a fake police report earlier in March. Each count contains a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment and $25,000 as a fine.

They came after an initial accusation on 20th February, one count of chaotic conduct for filing a false police report.

The character of Smollett was scrapped from the TV show by Fox after the arrest of the actor. He has declined to execute the attack maintaining his innocence, with his lawyers formerly claiming that the allegation is “vindictive” and “prosecutorial overkill”. Smollett is next due to be present in court on 17th April.

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