KIEV (News Service) – Elton John who was on a tour to Ukraine in order to hoist awareness about AIDS, said that Ireland’s vote to alter its abortion laws displayed the change in mindset.

The singer is a usual visitor of Ukraine and has often spoken out rights of transgenders in the Eastern European nations. He also held an AIDS charity concert in Kiev while the commencement of the Euro soccer championships in 2012.

“Believe me, I love this country. We will do everything we can to continue the fight against AIDS”, – said the singer in an event hosted by the Elena Pinchuk Foundation.

“It takes a long time for things to happen as I said,”- said Elton John. “Look what just happened in Ireland: the vote for abortion. Things change. People … they change their mind. And with a younger generation coming up, they are a different kind of people, and they’re our future.”- He added.

On Friday voters in Ireland, an immensely Catholic nation serviced a change to abortion laws by an avalanche. While the authorities of Ukrainian have boosted their support for gay rights after the pro-Western government gained control over the protests in the previous years. The law was passed by the LGBT community in favor of the workplace prejudice.

However, critics say that homophobic stance remains Catholic. Kiev bogged down in gay rights row previous year as it entangled the Eurovision Song Contest that held a slogan “Celebrate Diversity”. A plan to cover the Soviet era monument rainbow colors was repelled by hard right parties.

“We’ve made great progress but we still have a lot of work to do,” – said the 71-year-old singer. He attempted to adopt an HIV positive baby in Ukraine in the year 2009. However, the authorities refused him to grant permission.

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