Chernobyl Enhances “Dark Tourism Destination” In Lithuania - TNBC USA

Walking along the top of Lithuania’s decommissioned nuclear reactor, the set of HBO’s critically acclaimed “Chernobyl” TV series, tourist Vytas Miknaitis says he’s not “afraid at all”.

The retired computer engineer from Chicago says, “They know what they’re doing.” he referred to organizers of the three-hour tour of the Ignalina power station in eastern Lithuania.

Last year, the Ignalina reactor presented the backdrop for the show’s outdoor scenes which was shot in a similar design to Chernobyl. Lithuania’s only nuclear power plant in Soviet was inaugurated even before the “Chernobyl” drama first released in May. After the show received great success, the place became very popular among visitors so far.

According to Ignalina plant spokeswoman Natalija Survila-Glebova, the series has attracted new streams of visitors, most of them are foreign tourists belonging to countries like Poland, Latvia, and Britain.

She also told reporters, last month there were 900 visitors who  “almost completely booked through the end of the year” and that it was open only for adults because of the ongoing dismantling work.

Ukraine, which is originally the Soviet Union’s Chernobyl was the scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster which happened in 1986 when one of its reactors exploded during testing. The explosion polluted a big part of Europe along with the surrounding area of the power plant.

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