This ex-Big Boss contestant Soni Singh reveals of being harassed sexually by a fan on social media!

This ex-Big Boss contestant Soni Singh reveals of being harassed sexually by a fan on social media!

Former Big Boss contestant describes her agony how one of her fans is sexually harassing and blackmailing her on social media for months.

TV actress and an erstwhile Bigg Boss contestant Soni Singh is having a nightmare on social media for the last few months. These days social media wrongdoings have been quite common. But what Soni Singh is facing is really unfortunate. An Instagram user named “Martin” is annoying the actress, verbally harassing her and also blackmailing her to disclose something about her in public. This is going on for some months. When the frustrated actress blocked him on the social media, he created fake IDs to spam her timeline.

While speaking to a leading daily, Soni Singh described her agony of sexual harassment and blackmailing. She says, “Initially, he approached me on Facebook and was trying to be polite to me. Gradually his conversation turned vulgar and started harassing me sexually by using inappropriate comments like, ‘I want to kiss you in your mouth’. I immediately blocked him as I didn’t want to have any negativity around. Then he contacted me through another account and started blaming me for being a racist. He also spoke ill about my country and that we are poor and black people. He didn’t stop there and started polluting my timeline with some other accounts. Now, I don’t understand whether his first account was real or fake. But things got worse when he started writing wrong stuff on my friend’s timeline as well. Whenever they used to post a picture with me he used to go and write that he would reveal something. What, I really have no idea?”

On being asked about when all this started, she said, “I don’t remember the exact date but yes it’s over months. Many fans ping me with greetings and I try to reply to them and respect their love. He was among them.”

She also disclosed that she’s intending to look for help from the cyber crime cell if his abhorrent comments and messages don’t stop. She says, “As of now nothing but I guess if he doesn’t stop will go to cybercrime.”

by Sawan Kumar on June 6, 2018

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