Sanju Movie Box Office Collection Day 10 | Sanju Movie Bookings

Sanju Movie Box Office Collection Day 10 | Sanju Movie Bookings

Sanju Movie Box Office Collection Day 10: You might be amazed to know that the Bollywood Blockbuster “Sanju” is doing well even on its 10th day. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, starring Ranbir Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Vicky Kaushal, Anushka Sharma, Jim Sarbh and Sonam Kapoor the movie had collected Rs. 236.01 crore till Saturday.

Sanju Movie Box Office Collection Day 10

Sanju Movie Box Office Collection Day 10- The movie has been featured on the box office since its release. The biopic has till this date reached a 236 crore mark which is an enormous mark for a movie. As per the reports released by the Bollywood Hungama the movie is expected to do a decent business in the coming days too.

Some major film reviewers such as ‘Shubhra Gupta’ have given 2.5 stars to the movie. In the words of Gupta “Basically, Sanju is a dialed-down, tamer version of the real-life hellraiser that used to be Sanjay Dutt, who at one point was so over-taken by drugs that he begged his father, the respected thespian and parliamentarian Sunil Dutt to save him. Sanju gives us a Sanjay mediated by the trademark sunniness of the director’s world-view in which even the most unlikely ‘munnabhais’ (there’s a Munnabhai MBBS reference in here too, which is meta piling upon meta: a star playing a star playing a much-loved character played by that star) overcome all odds and become heroes. This Sanju Baba feels like an updated version of Munna Bhai, or was Munna Bhai an anticipatory version of Sanju? Both bad boys with great, supportive fathers and a ‘jaadu-ki-jhappi’ which pulled them out of the abyss’: sometimes it’s hard to know which is which.”

Recently the actor Sanjay Dutt has written a tweet in order to thank his friend Paresh who was his pillar of strength in this days of trouble.

Sanju Movie Bookings

Haven’t yet watched the movie? If your answer is no then you need to check out the bookings available here. The movie is successfully running is all the theatres across the nation. You can check out the popular booking portal ( for booking a seat.

by Sawan Kumar on July 9, 2018

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