‘Sanju’ Crumbles Race 3 and Padmaavat emerging as the highest grosser of 2018

‘Sanju’ Crumbles Race 3 and Padmaavat emerging as the highest grosser of 2018

The much-anticipated Movie ‘Sanju’ has proved its dominance at the Box Office, overlooking former hit movies such as ‘Race 3’ and ‘Padmavaat’.

Sanju is doing well even on the fourth day of its release. The film made an extraordinary opening this weekend. Since then it has remained a hit at the box office. It has been loved by viewers all over the nation and Ranbir Kapoor has received a lot of applause for his remarkable acting skills.

The lurch records of the movie rank in Rs. 25.35 crore, which is enough to blog one’s mind for a while. Even big movies do not hit in such a huge level on the second day of their release. The makers of the movie would not have expected such huge figures on the fourth and fifth day.

The movie has defeated some high scorers such as Baghi 2 and Padmaavat. Here is a list of some movies that did well on the Box Office:

Sanju – Rs 25.35 crore

Race 3 – 14.24 crore

Padmaavat – Rs 15 crore

Baaghi 2 – Rs 12.10 crore

Raazi – Rs 6.30 crore

The highest of the list ‘Sanju’ is now a 120.06 crore scorer in the complete weekend. The director Rajkumar Hirani highest weekend opener next to PK which scored 93 crores with a total box office record of 145.41 crores. The film had gathered a collection of 46.71 crores on its day 3. It has been registered as the biggest opener at the box office with a collection of 21.56 crore.

Sanju is the biggest movie of Ranbir Kapoor after ‘Besharam’ movie which made a whopping 21.56 crore. Howbeit the movie is showered with luck. There is no release this Friday, therefore it will feature at the box office for the whole week. With the repeated value from the audiences, it is likely that it does well this week too.

by Sawan Kumar on July 4, 2018

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