Beyoncé & JAY-Z ‘OTR II Tour’ In Trouble? Fans Given ‘Free Tickets’ for free - TNBC USA

We were saying this, but Beyonce and Jay-Z’s second wing of their OTR Tour isn’t going as planned. Turns out, fans were giving away tickets for free ahead of their Glasgow concert due to low sales. “If you are near Hampden Park go to the main parking lot they are giving out free tickets for Beyonce & Jay-Z concert because of empty seats,” one fan tweeted on June 9. Yikes! “They knew the concert wasn’t going to sell out and already had curtains set up before the show to cover the empty sections,” another user said. Some fans even claimed they got VIP upgrades for free!

Some of the users, suggested Beyonce recycled the set-list from her historic Coachella performance back in April. “that setlist was so terrible. Beyonce must really think her fans are fools if she thinks we gonna be content with seeing THE EXACT SAME SHOW with uglier outfits. I’ll prob be getting my money back…she f*cking tried it,” the fan said. So, maybe that’s the reason behind the empty seats. To the Beyhive’s defense, we haven’t gotten a new album from Bey since Lemonade in 2016!

It’s certainly a shock to hear the tour has so many empty seats. After all, Bey and Jay seemed to have put a lot of effort in their show. They gave fans an intimate look at their secret vow renewal and even showed off their adorable twins Rumi and Sir Carter. However, fans are not too enthused. As we previously told you, some members of the Beyhive are unhappy with the tour because they feel they’ve seen it all before. “Beyoncé’s dancers are wearing the same outfits from Formation on this #OTRII tour. All they did was take the lil neckpiece off and ya’ll I am HOLLERING. Even Beyonce don’t give a sh*t about Operation Rehabilitate Jay-Z’s Image,” one fan said.

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