Banned director’s Cannes film gives Iranian take on women in film

Banned director’s Cannes film gives Iranian take on women in film

Jafar Panahi the banned film director has made a movie and delivered it at the Cannes. It deals with the hot topic of the moment and deals with the issues women actress face in a world that is dominated by the male.

The movie “3 Faces” is a story of a prominent actress, Bahnaz Jafari who plays herself as a selfie video in which a young woman begs to assist her in order to convince her orthodox family for letting her take a place she has won at the acting school in Tehran. Variety’s Deborah Young called the film: “charming Iranian cinema at its core. The movie conveys a leeway message in the form of ‘freedom of choice’.

Once the clip verges towards the end, she appears to enact suicide evoking Panahi and Jafari. He also plays himself to drive to the village in which the girl resides and discover what has occurred, having his word with the locals who are delighted and sullen at the same time to be visited by such paramount guests.

The movie is called “charming Iranian cinema at its purest. Defiantly modern in its liberating message about freedom of choice.” By Variety’s Deborah.

It is an inordinate output for a banned filmmaker. His previous movie “Taxi” was a prodigious one and won a Golden Bear in Berlin and “3 Faces” is the major rival of the Palme d’Or at Cannes. The movie “3 Faces” is the fourth movie since he dared to move forward of an apartment or car on a location at northern Iran.

When you come to the film’s humor you will find ‘Marziyeh Rezaei’ in the lead role. “It’s dark humor because what’s going on in front of the camera is a really difficult situation.”- said the aspiring actress.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 14, 2018

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