On Saturday the 11-year-old made an appearance with her father, Larry Birkhead at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville. The little one looked gorgeous while she was wrapped in white and blue dress and a coordinating hat. Birkhead’s apparel was quite similar to his daughter with the blue plaid suit topped with a palpable tie.  

Birkhead has shared a luscious picture of his daughter on the internet while the event.

Last September in a conversation, the former partner of American Playboy Smith pioneered about how Dannielynn is imitating without her mother as she is on the verge to her teenage. The American model also revealed that Dannielynn usually does not end up talking about Anna Nicole Smith who left the world after the accidental overdose in the year 2007.

“She is clinging to the female teachers,” – shared Birkhead. “She’s clingy to her girlfriends’ moms and she’ll say things like, ‘Do you want to adopt me? Would you be my honorary mother?’ She tends to do that a lot.” 

Notwithstanding the brawl of acting a single father, Birkhead said that he is gratified to watch the little girl turn into a splendid form.

“The other day, she had a friend whose fish died and she said, ‘Don’t worry about your fish, it’s up there with my mom. My mom’s taking care of your fish and it’s gonna be OK,'” he recalled. “It was something that she came up with. It was true from the heart and that’s how she deals with it and I’m proud that she is who she is.”

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