Andy Muschietti Compares Trump To Stephen King's Horror Character Pennywise - TNBC USA

Andy Muschietti, the renowned director of the record-breaking, two-part film adaption of “It” has made a controversial statement that Stephen King’s horrifying invention Pennywise shares a lot in common with a real-life figure – President Donald Trump.

The main character of Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel “It”, Pennywise is the murderous clown who hides in sewers and feasts on terrified children. It is considered to be the most horrifying creation to ever arise from the mind of the author. 

Andy Muschietti told reporters, “He does exactly what the clown does, you know?”

Referring to the nickname for the group of pre-teen misfits who are the heroes of “It”, the director said, “The clown is trying to divide the ‘Losers’ all the time, to turn them against them(selves) and make them weaker.” 

“That’s how he conquers, he tries to conquer them and destroy them,” he added. His comparison between high-concept horror icons and current White House inhabitant have shocked many, indeed.

Muschietti also stated that King’s novel is already an exploration of the dark underside of small-town America and revealing evil yet tragically real themes such as spousal abuse and incest. On Friday, the sequel of the movie “It Chapter Two” was released which is the conclusion of the novel. In this part, the children will be shown grown up and enjoying successful lives elsewhere and they return to their home to confront a resurgent Pennywise. 

The second part also features a scene from the novel in which a young gay man suffers a savage homophobic assault by a local gang, which was based on a real-life incident in Bangor, the town in the northeastern state of Maine where King lives.

Muschietti said that including the scene was crucial for making “a movie that is connected to the times that we live in.” He continued, “We live in a culture of fear, leaders that are trying to divide people, to control us, to conquer us, and to turn us against each other.”

Released in 2017, the movie “It” proved to be a blockbuster hit which took a whopping $700 million around the world to become the highest-grossing horror film ever. “Yeah, that was ridiculous!” said Muschietti. “The first weekend was just insane … it just went through the roof.”

Muschietti said that the horror master was nothing but supportive of the direction of his film adaptions to the point of making a cameo appearance in the sequel. “He’s very respectful of adaptations. It was I who actually reached out to him,” said Muschietti.

“I really wanted to include him at least from an opinion standpoint. But he liked the first one so much and he liked the script of the second one so much that he didn’t really have much to change.”

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