Actor Of “Desperate Housewives ” Confesses His Involvement In US College Admission Scandal

Actor Of “Desperate Housewives ” Confesses His Involvement In US College Admission Scandal

US Actress Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty with tears on Monday, for being involved in the bribery case of college entrance exam scandal for her daughter. The case is involved with the biggest scandal on which rich parents used fraud for securing their children spots at prominent US Universities.

The onetime star of the teleserials episodes “ Desperate Housewives ” pleaded guilty in federal court in Boston to a conspiracy accusation involved to her payment of $15,000 to have someone secretly for correcting the answers of her daughter on the SAT exam.

Among 510 people Huffman is accused of taking part in a program which related to bribery. Rich parents paid a total of $25 million for bribing coaches for helping their children to gain spots at the Universities such as Georgetown, Yale and the University of Southern California.

A California college admissions consultant, William “ Rick” Singer pleaded guilty in March to the accusations that he promoted the cheating and assisted bribe university sports coaches for presenting the children of clients as illicit athletic recruitments.

Prosecutors have accused 33 parents with engaging in the scheme with Singer, along with Huffman, who was recommended for an Oscar for the best actress for her role in “ Transamerica” of 2005 and Lori Loughlin, who acted in the TV series “ Full House”.

Assistant US Attorney Eric Rosen said 56 years old Huffman executed through Singer for having an associate acting as an SAT proctor for the exam of her daughter and also correcting her daughter’s answers at the test center he led through bribery.

Kendall Huffman, wife of actor William H.  Macy concerned that her daughter had no idea about this admission related college scandal. She said, “ everything else Mr. Rosen said I did, I did”. She left the courthouse holding the hand of her brother while receiving no questions from the reporters.

As far as possible, Twenty people have agreed to plead guilty since officials distributed a wave of arrests under the code name “Operation Varsity Blues” on 12th March. Prosecutors have told that the investigation is going on.

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