Democrats avert civil war as they eye unity for midterms - TNBC USA

Kara Eastman, who was campaigned on a “Medicare for all” healthcare system and free college, was literally shocked in Washington Democrats last month when she beat Brad Ashford, a moderate former congressman backed by the party, in the primary for a Nebraska House race. Her upset victory was cheered as a resounding win for the activist left – and a repudiation of centrist politics.

But Eastman replied that’s not how the Democrats in Omaha looked for it. Eastman said, “People were just excited to have someone stand up for their values”, he added, “While those values are tagged as progressive, I think people here see it as common sense”. “I do think Democrats are relearning that old lesson that a bird cannot fly on one wing, and neither can a party.”

The director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, Larry Sabato said, “Democrats remember how miserable they felt on election night and how they have felt every day since then,” she also added, “That feeling – ‘the Trump effect’ – is helping to cap the volcano. Were it not for Trump, however, I think the volcano of Democratic fractiousness would erupt all over the nation.”

In Georgia, the Democratic primary for the governorship, Stacy Abrams, a progressive former state house leader, won the race, with support from both Clinton and Sanders.

On the same time, Amy Mcgrath, a first-time candidate, defeated Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington, whom the party believed that he would be a stronger candidate in Kentucky.

Primary contests of this year so far have produced a string of victories for both wings of the Democratic party.

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