The US Stock Slip

The US Stock Slip

The main fight was seen this Monday when the US president Donald trump attacked the online business that is On the other hand it was seen that China raised its tariff specially on the US products. This rise was seen that not only in the part of the frozen foods like the say frozen meat but also the same was seen in wine, fruits and nuts, aluminum etc, this was mainly done as the US duty for the import of aluminum and steel also rose.

As a result it was seen that the value for dollar fell in the international market. Even gold faced a drop in its value. Even trading was seen to be on the lower side because of this and also for the reason of easter as the market was closed. The developing markets were seen to face a dip in the prices by 0.17%, price of oil also decreased because of the same reason only. The best thing that happen in this regard was that spot gold had an increase in its price by 1.1%.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 3, 2018

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