UN Requires Major Budget Boost to Fight Against Hunger and Poverty - TNBC USA

The head of the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development told sources that the body needs a significant budget boost to fight against hunger and poverty as well as other consequences of climate change. It also aimed to boost agriculture. 

IFAD President Gilbert Houngbo told sources, they are seeking a 1.7 billion Dollar contribution from member states to cover 2022 to 2024. He said that the needs have “considerably increased” with the rise in hunger all over the world.

He further went on explaining what would amount to a 54 percent jump in the budget for the UN agency tackling poverty and hunger in rural areas of developing. The former Togolese prime minister said in a telephone interview, “This leads us to launch an appeal which is all the more exceptional because of the growing challenges linked to the climate.”

The appeal is scheduled to be made at the IFAD’s board meeting in Rome later this week. The report says, the number of people suffering from malnutrition has been on the rise since 2015, and it has reached 820 million in 2018. 

Small-scale agriculture and hunger are closely related. Near about 80 percent of the poor live in rural areas, and the small farmers produce 80% of the world’s food. Small-scale farming or family farming is the predominant form of agriculture in both developed and developing countries.

These smallholder farms must receive the necessary support to increase productivity and income. Climate change has made the task more difficult for farmers who are forced to be migrated. The World Bank has predicted climate change can push more than 100 million people into poverty. 

“Our objective is to show that all these subjects are linked, that we shouldn’t treat them in silos,” said Gilbert Houngbo.

“It is impossible to eradicate poverty,” one of the UN’s goals, “if we don’t start with small producers,” he added.

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